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Education is among the 5 basic human rights. However, in some parts of Guatemala, it is not accessible for most families. In order to understand this complex situation, it is important to analyze many facts, conditions and problems related to school in the country. (See the educational statistics
For many parents, it is very difficult to provide basic necessities for their children such as food and shelter. Many of the parents work in agriculture (agricultural work in Guatemala is seasonal and yields limited income for families). Consequently, many of their children end up working in the fields by the age of eight.
Hearts In Motion (HIM) started its first daycare in Los Palmares, Guatemala approximately 30 years ago. That daycare was a way to provide single mothers with a safe place to leave their small children when they went to work. Within a short amount of time, HIM added additional daycares in various locations (Estanzuela, El Arco, and El Oreganal). The most recent daycare was built in 2018. That daycare was built in Pueblo Modelo in partnership with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
The daycares give opportunities to the children to jump start their education. As the program continued to evolve, it became painfully evident that some parents could not afford to enroll their children in 1st grade. For that reason, HIM started a School Sponsorship Program in order to address that issue and to keep the children out of the fields and in the classrooms. 
The School Sponsorship Program admits children into the program from daycare/preschool through 12thgrade. Once the children graduate from high school, they now may have a chance to attend a university or technical/trade school (INTECAP).  In 2020, HIM partnered with New Opportunities to refer high school graduates who wish to go to universities.  New Opportunities is an organization that focuses on children in Guatemala at secondary and higher education levels.  For students who do not wish to go to universities, HIM still provides them with a technical/trade school (INTECAP) option.
At the beginning of each year, HIM pays for school registration, purchases and distributes school uniforms, gym uniform, shoes, backpacks and supplies for sponsored and unsponsored children in the school program. In addition, HIM pays monthly tuition, bus fares, and internet café fees for research/homework throughout of the year for some of the children.  
Hearts In Motion strongly believes that each one of the children should leave the program with a skill (blue color or professional). The goal and mission are to have those children increase their chances for upward mobility while helping their communities prosper.
Due to the pandemic, HIM had to respond to the more pressing needs of the children in the school program. Hearts In Motion provided masks and food for the children and their families. Several food distributions took place throughout of 2020. The food bag distributions will continue to all of the children (sponsored and unsponsored) in the school program until the pandemic restrictions are lifted in Guatemala.
We need your $35 monthly payments in order to keep the program running. 2020 has been a unique and unprecedented challenge. To all the sponsors, HIM thanks you for your continuing support of the School Program.  







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