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Music In Motion

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” - Bono


We all know the power of music. It has the ability to connect to us and transport us to another time and place. That is the beauty of music.


On a trip to Guatemala in July, 2013, Alyssa Jerdon Brett (program director), and Karen Scheeringa came up with the idea for this program. After a few months of planning, Music in Motion officially started offering lessons in spring, 2014. Music In Motion was created in the loving memory of Ian Jerdon who was tragically killed in a car accident on March 12, 2012 at the tender age of 22. Ian started on his journey with music at 8 years old when he first started taking guitar lessons. Music was his passion and he found his greatest joy in sharing it with others. It is through HIM and Ian’s sister, Alyssa, that this program came to be and it is our sincere hope that Music In Motion will provide for the people of Guatemala what music provided Ian and those touched by Ian’s music.


The Music In Motion Program is dedicated to bring the power of music to the people of Guatemala by providing free music lessons. The mission of Music In Motion is to see lives changed through music and all the good it provides the human spirit. Music has the ability to heal us. Not only does music provide spiritual and emotional nourishment, learning how to play an instrument teaches us life skills such as determination, focus, teamwork, responsibility and discipline. The confidence each child gains from this program is priceless; giving them the ability to face the world and its challenges with new found inner determination and strength to succeed. Music In Motion is currently offering lessons in two locations: Gualan and Pueblo Modelo.


In Gualan, our instructor is none other than one of our former students, Elfido Ramos. Elfido joined our program as a student shortly after its inception in the fall of 2014. He remained a constant fixture in our program during instructor changes and our 14 month break due to the pandemic. When lessons resumed last spring, Elfido was there. We are proud to announce that in February of this year (2022), Elfido accepted the position as full time music instructor in Gualan. We currently have between 15-20 students attending lessons 5 days a week (attendance varies based on our students’ school and work schedules).


We are excited to introduce our new part time instructor in Pueblo Modelo, Esdras Arteaga. Esdras is from Pueblo Modelo and joined our program in February of this year. Esdras is a great addition to our program who is committed to enriching our students' lives through the power of music. Lessons are currently being offered 20 hours a week to 15-20 students (similar to Gualan, attendance varies based on our students’ school and work schedules).


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