The Pueblo Modelo Garden Project

In addition to preparing the children for grade school at the Pueblo Modelo Daycare, Hearts In Motion (HIM) seeks to educate them about how to work their lands. What’s a better way to take advantage of nature and use your environment by learning how to garden? Inspired by Aiden Mitchell, an avid young gardener living in the United States, the Pueblo Modelo garden program was created and named Young Gardeners International (YGI).

We obtained permission from the parents of Aiden Mitchell to use his YouTube videos to teach the kids the different stages of gardening. Seeing another child gardening in the videos, makes it relatable to the young participants. Thus, giving them the confidence they need. This year, the leaders of the YGI are Gaby, Andrea, and Ana. Gaby, Andrea, and Ana, teach the gardening classes to the children and their families. Additionally, the staff from the Gualan Campus conducted a gardening class with the participants. The new families were provided with gardening tools, water hoses, chicken wire, and cinder blocks. All participants received fertilized soil, and starter plants.

As was done last year, the gardens will be rated according to their yields and the participants will be awarded with prizes accordingly.

The returning families expressed that it was a great experience working in the gardens with their children and they were grateful for their gardens last year.

The new parents and children are very excited about the program and looking forward to working their land. They are extremely happy because they will have vegetables and fruits from their gardens for their families.

We hope to continue building on last year’s success!!! 

We are continuing with the program this year based on its success last year. The pilot program started with three families that were selected from the Pueblo Modelo Daycare to teach them how to garden. This year, we are happy to announce that 6 more families were added to the program. If the program continues to be as successful as last year, it will be implemented throughout the Pueblo Modelo Daycare and possibly for the grade school children in the HIM school program in Pueblo Modelo. The hope is for the children who have gone through the program to become mentors to a new group of children while maintaining their own gardens.


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