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Homeless Hygiene Packs: 11/06/2013

We had a great time working with members of The Carpenter's House Church putting together over 100 hygiene packs for the homeless. The Carpenter's House Church will distribute them to the homeless around the city of Chicago. We love working with them and are so excited with the work God is calling them to do



2013 Winter Break Sports Camp in Guatemala

When: Fall 2013 late Nov-early Dec
Where: Gualan, Guatemala / Hearts in Motion Nutrition Center

Girls – Student/Athlete leaders in their community, ages 11-15 (15-25 total)
Boys – Student/Athlete leaders in their community, ages 11-15 (15-25 total)

HIM is hosting a 2 week sports camp that will serve as an opportunity for boys and girls to gain valuable life skills while learning skills on the playing field. The weeks will be split with one week consisting of just girls and the following week with boys. The campers will stay on site (orphanage) and will conduct all activities on the community field (basketball court and soccer field). The camp will tentatively run Monday through Friday with hopefully a tournament at the end where parents and friends can come, watch and celebrate their achievements.

Life skills to be taught (suggestions):
  • Spiritual (praying, reading scripture, relationship with Jesus, etc.)
  • Physical (hygiene, nutrition, health, training, injury, etc.)
  • Emotional skills (conflict resolution, anger, sadness, trials, etc.)
  • Social skills (sharing, discipline, teamwork, hardwork, etc.)
  • Psychological skills (coping techniques, etc.)
  • Being a Role Model or Mentor
  • Being an Athlete and Student
  • Professional skills (conduct, educational achievements, setting goals,resume, etc.)

Athletic skills to be taught (suggestions):
    • Soccer
    • Passing, dribbling, shooting, strategy, goal keeping, rules, etc.)
    • Basketball
    • Same as above
    • Tennis
    • Serving, rallying, volleying, rules, scoring, etc.
    • Track (running)
    • Benefits, proper form, etc.
    • Volleyball
    • Baseball
    • Golf?
    • Any other relevant sports
    • Activities other than sports (suggestions):
    • Ping Pong, card games, board games, Music, songs, campfires, fitness games, etc.

Camp Counselors: 5-10 counselors are needed for supervision day and night Sport Coaches: 2-3 local sport coaches are needed for sport instruction Volunteers: No more than 5 volunteers from the states Sports Equipment: 20-30 soccer balls / 30-50 cones / sport jersey’s 20-30/ 10-15 basketballs